Strategizing Tado Upgrades for Sustainability

In our pursuit of innovation and progress, we’re keenly aware of the impact that new production and the disposal of older systems can have on both our finances and the environment. Hence, our approach is centered around a sustainable paradigm: reimagining and reviving our existing POS (Point of Sale) units to extend their lifespan and reduce our ecological footprint.

The conventional method of introducing brand-new POS units often comes with a hefty price tag, not just in terms of expenses but also in environmental consequences. To counter this, we’ve embraced a strategy that champions the reuse of our POS systems, breathing new life into them through cost-effective upgrades.


We're effectively extending the longevity of these POS units by several more years.

The displays, predominantly constructed from metal, provide a perfect canvas for transformation. By updating their design to align seamlessly with our updated aesthetic and functionality, we’re effectively extending the longevity of these POS units by several more years.

Our ingenuity doesn’t stop there. For our smaller POS units, we’ve devised a novel configuration—pairing a 50cm display with a 1-meter setup. This innovative amalgamation incorporates eco-friendly elements such as recycled wood panels. Moreover, we’re enhancing these setups with additional design features, elucidating detailed product information and real-world use cases. This comprehensive approach serves to empower our customers with a deeper understanding of the benefits our products offer.

Furthermore, in larger store spaces exceeding 125 units, we’re introducing the exclusive Tado Black version. This strategic addition ensures the full utilization of the available space, creating a seamless and aesthetically cohesive environment.

In essence, our ethos revolves around the philosophy of repurposing existing elements, akin to giving a fresh coat of paint to a cherished piece of furniture. Not only does this approach result in substantial cost savings, but it also drastically reduces the need for new production resources and significantly curtails energy consumption. By marrying innovation with sustainability, we’re not only optimizing our operations but also treading lightly on the planet, fostering a greener and more responsible future.

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