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Creative Marketing Designer

A decade of experience fuels my passion for crafting captivating physical and digital experiences that resonate deeply with users. I seamlessly blend aesthetics and functionality, bringing a fresh perspective to digital design that pushes boundaries and exceeds expectations. As a designer, I've had the privilege of collaborating on diverse projects, from established brands like Nanoleaf and Tado to innovative startups like Loqed and Slide. My expertise encompasses the entire design process, from meticulously crafting digital pixels to sketching out game-changing ideas. Every step is fueled by my unwavering commitment to delivering outcomes that are not only surprising, but truly delightful.

I enjoy giving life to both physical and digital products, crafting designs that are intuitive and practical.

Graphic & Information Design
Concept Design /CAD
UI/UX Design
Visual Identities

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DYI Tapo Vacuum Set-ups

For Tapo, we have developed a range of options to effectively showcase their smart vacuum line. Our primary objective was to offer various options with different sizes and footprints within ...

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DYI Card system

To enhance theft prevention, we’ve introduced a card-based system that allows customers to exchange their card for an actual product at the checkout counter. For final preview, please have a ...

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Ember POS

Introducing the Ember POS: a meticulously designed compact point-of-sale solution tailored exclusively for the Ember brand. This sleek POS platform elegantly highlights two of Ember’s flagship products, presented in a ...

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