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Introducing the brand new Loqed mobile app, elevating the way you unlock your door to the next level.

Loqed App Keychain

A redesigned homescreen that allows you to effortlessly monitor the current status of the doors in the house.

A brand-new logbook that allows you to quickly and easily review the events of the day.

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Loqed app homescreen

The optimal method for engaging with the Loqed lock involves adding keys and configuring essential key settings.

The updated settings enhance accessibility and usability across the board.

With this new design, we gain enhanced visual access to the lock’s status, as well as the settings and user activity associated with it. The updated home screen and logbook provide a clear view of current status and historical data.

The overall design is now more cohesive and aesthetically pleasing. This will streamline the customer’s experience in using and installing the product, resulting in a more engaging overall interaction.

Following the "touch to open" principle, the entire app design focuses on effortlessly unlocking the door with a single touch.

Completely redesigning from the ground up to achieve a modern feel.

The new generation of the Loqed lock represents a paradigm shift in modern security technology. Through a meticulous redesign process, we’ve not only elevated its aesthetics but also redefined its functionality. The sleek and contemporary interface is not just visually appealing, but also intuitively designed for seamless user interaction.

With a focus on easy accessibility, the lock can now be operated effortlessly with just a touch. This marks a significant advancement in the way users engage with their security systems, setting a new standard for convenience and reliability.

The heart of user interaction

The intuitive home screen provides instant access to vital information, giving users a comprehensive overview of their lock’s status and usage history. This newfound transparency instills a sense of confidence in users, knowing they have complete control over their security.

The redesign doesn’t just stop at appearances; it delves into the heart of user interaction, ensuring that every touchpoint with the lock is an intuitive and gratifying experience.

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