DYI Card system

To enhance theft prevention, we’ve introduced a card-based system that allows customers to exchange their card for an actual product at the checkout counter.

By adopting this innovative card-based system, we're not only enhancing security measures but also improving the overall shopping experience for our valued customers.

Visual Inventory Assurance: This system ensures that there is always a clear visual representation of the available stock, making it easier to manage inventory levels effectively.

Prevents Product Neglect: By using this system, products are less likely to be left unused or accumulate dust, ensuring that each item remains in optimal condition.

Theft Resistance and Product Information: This system acts as a deterrent to theft while also providing an opportunity to display information about the products, enhancing the customer experience.

Cost-Effectiveness Compared to Dummy Packaging: Implementing this card system is much more cost-effective than resorting to dummy packaging, which may not provide the same level of security.

Optimized Shelf Space Utilization: This system allows for a more efficient use of shelf space. Customers can fill an entire meter of shelf space without necessarily having to maintain a full meter’s worth of inventory.

Our new card-based system enhances theft prevention by allowing customers to exchange their card for a product at checkout. Benefits include visual inventory assurance, preventing product neglect, theft deterrence, cost-effectiveness, and optimized shelf space use, ultimately improving the shopping experience.

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