EP Tummers Space

We were presented with a unique opportunity to create an impressive 3-meter display for Ep – Tummers. Within our repertoire, we had three distinguished brands at our disposal: Innr, Ezviz, and Nanoleaf, each deserving a presentation that exuded cohesion and unity across all stores.

It is important to note that this endeavor primarily serves as a showcase

Our meticulous attention to detail led us to craft an entirely fresh and innovative setup for the Innr point of sale. For Nanoleaf, we designed a captivating new arrangement, and for Ezviz, we undertook a comprehensive overhaul, instilling a brand-new aesthetic and ambiance to their point of sale area.

It is important to note that this endeavor primarily serves as a showcase, illustrating the potential and optimal presentation of these products within retail spaces. This endeavor not only underscores our commitment to presenting products in their best light but also serves as a testament to our dedication to elevating the retail experience for both customers and businesses alike.

We designed a 3-meter display for Ep – Tummers featuring brands like Innr, Ezviz, and Nanoleaf. Each brand received a tailored presentation. Innr’s setup focused on immersion, Nanoleaf’s on creativity, and Ezviz’s on security. The project aimed to showcase optimal product presentation in retail spaces.

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