Krefel Smart Home

Benefits of using a universal set-up

1. Cohesive experience

It can create a more cohesive shopping experience for customers by presenting a unified ecosystem of products that work seamlessly together. This can help customers understand the bigger picture and encourage them to purchase complementary products.

2.  Inclusive and welcoming

A universal set-up can be more inclusive and welcoming to customers who may not be familiar with specific brands or product lines. It can also help to prevent customer confusion or overwhelm when faced with a display that features multiple, unfamiliar brand identities.

3. Maximize sales potential

A universal set-up can allow retailers to showcase a wider range of products without sacrificing valuable display space for individual brands. This can help retailers maximize their sales potential and provide customers with a more comprehensive shopping experience.

Overall, using a universal set-up can help retailers create a more streamlined, inclusive, and effective store display that benefits both customers and the business.

Krefel’s smart home store presentation, balancing brand identity and a universal set-up with interactive smart home experience

The key is to find a balance between showcasing individual brand identities and creating a cohesive shopping experience.

As we set out to create a store presentation for smart home products at Krefel, we faced the dilemma of whether to push the brand identities of individual products or create a more universal set-up. While emphasizing brand identities can help to showcase the unique features and benefits of each product, a more universal approach can create a cohesive shopping experience that guides customers through the smart home ecosystem.

To strike a balance between these two approaches, consider using a combination of both strategies. Create dedicated areas for each brand to showcase their products and highlight their key features. At the same time, create a unified display that shows how different products work together seamlessly to create a smart home ecosystem.

In conclusion, while a brand-focused approach to store displays can be effective, a universal set-up offers several benefits such as creating a more cohesive shopping experience, being more inclusive to customers, and allowing for a wider range of products to be showcased. Ultimately, the decision to use a brand or universal approach should depend on the retailer’s specific goals and target audience.

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