Exhibition Makersfair 2023 –  Nanoleaf & Foscam

The exabtion set-up we made for the Brico Makersfair 2022

This is the display we made for Nanoleaf so it’s possible for Nanoleaf to showcase the product in the best possible way within the stores.

The main challenge was to combine two brands in this case Nanoleaf and Foscam and yet have unity and make every area its own. The finale result is a very nice and easy on the eyes set-up where both brands can shine.

Designing a simple exhibition stand where two brands attend in one space can present several challenges. The primary challenge is ensuring that the stand effectively showcases both brands and their products or services without overwhelming visitors with too much information or visual clutter. Another challenge is managing the space and layout to provide equal visibility and exposure to both brands, while maintaining a cohesive overall design. It is also important to ensure that the branding and messaging for each brand are clearly defined and distinct to avoid confusion or dilution of their individual identities. Finally, coordination and communication between the two brands and any contractors or vendors involved in creating the stand is crucial to ensure a smooth and successful execution of the project.


Nanoleaf, exebition
Was it a succes?

The exhibition was a great success with attendees expressing admiration for the Nanoleaf set-up and leaving with a positive impression of both Foscam and Nanoleaf. The booth design effectively showcased both brands, highlighting the unique features and benefits of their products. Visitors were particularly impressed with the innovative and eco-friendly design of the Nanoleaf lighting system, and the advanced technology and security features offered by Foscam’s products. The team’s attention to detail and professionalism also contributed to the overall success of the exhibition, leaving attendees with a lasting impression of both brands. Overall, the exhibition was a fantastic opportunity for Foscam and Nanoleaf to connect with potential customers and demonstrate their commitment to providing high-quality and innovative products.

nanoleaf foscam booth

A Project from Concept to Completion

I am proud to say that the entire process from concept to final print was executed solely by me. This included all aspects of the project such as visual design using Photoshop and Illustrator, 3D rendering tools, and the entire production process. With careful attention to detail and a dedication to quality, I was able to ensure that the final product exceeded expectations. It was a challenging and rewarding experience to be able to take full ownership of the project and see it through to completion, and I look forward to taking on similar challenges in the future.

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