Valk App Redesign

A brand new home for the Van der Valk users, where the most important service and offers can be found.

With the updated hotel view, you can effortlessly discern the availability of rooms and explore additional services offered at each location.

The new dark and light modes not only enhance user experience but also provide a highly personalized interface, seamlessly blending with the specific settings of your current operating system, thereby ensuring a cohesive and visually pleasing interaction with the application.

Van der Valk welcomes its users to a brand new home designed exclusively to cater to their needs and preferences. This revamped platform offers an array of paramount services and enticing offers, creating an immersive and seamless experience for guests.

At the heart of this update lies the enhanced hotel view, meticulously crafted to empower users in their quest for the perfect accommodation. With a glance, users can effortlessly discern the availability of rooms across various locations and dive into a detailed exploration of the additional services provided at each venue. This intuitive interface simplifies the booking process, offering a comprehensive overview that streamlines decision-making.

Filter for your perfect room by price per night and specific preferences.

Discover your ideal room or arrangement by location and book it instantly!

One of the standout features of this new platform is its adaptive interface, boasting both dark and light modes. Beyond mere aesthetics, these modes are tailored to elevate user experience by seamlessly blending with the user’s operating system settings. This harmonious integration ensures a cohesive and visually appealing interaction, aligning with individual preferences for a more personalized journey through the application.

Moreover, the platform empowers users with refined search capabilities. A user can now filter their room options based on specific preferences and price per night, enabling them to pinpoint their ideal accommodation effortlessly. This granular search functionality allows for a tailored experience, ensuring that each user discovers options that align perfectly with their desires and budget.

With an emphasis on convenience and efficiency, the platform enables users to discover their ideal room or arrangement by location and book it instantly. This instant booking feature caters to the fast-paced nature of modern travel, providing a seamless and hassle-free reservation process.

In essence, this new Van der Valk platform represents a paradigm shift in user experience, blending cutting-edge technology with an intuitive interface to offer unparalleled convenience and customization. Whether it’s discerning the best room or exploring additional services, users can expect a refined and gratifying experience that caters to their individual preferences and needs.

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