Fitbit Storefront Design Set-up

Fitbit pos created, including all the icons

This is the POS we made for Fitbit so it’s possible for Fitbit to showcase and provide with information in the best possible way within the stores.

We’ve meticulously crafted an outstanding presentation tailored specifically for Fitbit. Every aspect of the setup, right from conceptualization to the creation of bespoke icons and visuals, has been painstakingly designed.

We went above and beyond to ensure that each model receives its own distinct touch, with customized elements that accentuate the exceptional features unique to each one. This comprehensive approach guarantees that the presentation not only showcases the product range effectively but also highlights the individual strengths and capabilities of every Fitbit model, thereby providing a comprehensive and compelling overview of the entire lineup.


We dedicated extensive attention to crafting distinctive icons tailored specifically for the Fitbit models Flex and Surge. These icons serve as visual representations of the unique functionalities and attributes of each model. The design process involved meticulous consideration of the key features, ensuring that the icons effectively communicate the strengths and benefits of the Flex and Surge. By utilizing a blend of intuitive design principles and Fitbit’s brand aesthetics, these icons are poised to resonate with potential customers, offering a clear and compelling visual guide to the products’ capabilities.

The comprehensive set-up

Moreover, the comprehensive set-up within the store has been strategically designed to optimize the sales potential of Fitbit models. From the placement of displays to the arrangement of product information, every element has been meticulously curated to create an immersive and engaging shopping experience. By integrating interactive touchpoints, informative signage, and strategically positioned demo units, customers will have the opportunity to explore the features of the Fitbit models firsthand. This hands-on interaction, coupled with easy access to product specifications and benefits, aims to empower customers with the knowledge and confidence needed to make informed purchasing decisions. Ultimately, this thoughtful store layout is poised to enhance the overall customer journey and drive higher conversions for Fitbit products.

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