IHealth Smart watch UI

By working within the confines of the screen, we craft notifications and UI elements to be elegantly simple, ensuring they remain highly functional, user-friendly, and easily comprehensible.
Elevate your activity tracking experience to unprecedented heights with the cutting-edge features of this enhanced version.
Step into a realm of unparalleled sophistication as you explore the limitless potential of the activity tracker with its array of smart functions.


Within the multifaceted capabilities of the Watch, a diverse array of tracking features await to enhance your well-being. Not only does it meticulously monitor your calorie expenditure, but it also keeps a vigilant eye on your UV exposure, ensuring you stay protected under the sun’s rays. Moreover, the Watch diligently assesses your hydration levels, providing timely reminders to keep you optimally nourished throughout the day.

Yet, its prowess extends further. Seamlessly integrated within its functionality, the Watch becomes an indispensable companion in tracking your steps, offering real-time updates on your physical activity. Additionally, with its advanced navigation system, you can confidently traverse through unfamiliar terrain, secure in the knowledge that the Watch will guide you with precision and accuracy. Whether it’s charting a course in the heart of the city or exploring the great outdoors, this watch is your reliable partner for a seamless and informed journey.

Identity authentication

Harness the power of your individual cardiac rhythm with the aid of your smartwatch for seamless identity authentication.

This innovative technology, rooted in Nymi’s advancements, empowers you to effortlessly and wirelessly assume command over a myriad of devices, including your computer, smartphone, automobile, and an array of other functionalities.


Navigation Navigation is more than knowing the way. With the iHealth Smart you will get directions, traffic notiviations and changes and updates on your public transportation and more….
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