Neolab – Smartpen Dieter Rams design

Minimalistic design and functional elegance!

These colors are used sparingly and strategically, often as accent colors that provide contrast to the neutral background colors of white, black, and gray.

The Neolab Smart Pen with a Dieter Rams design is a sophisticated writing tool that blends classic design with modern technology. This pen not only looks elegant, but it also has some amazing features.

With a simple tap on the paper, it can capture your writing and sketches in real-time and transfer them to your digital devices via Bluetooth. It also has a built-in microphone that can record audio notes as you write.

The sleek design of this pen is inspired by the timeless design principles of Dieter Rams, a German industrial designer. The pen’s minimalistic design and functional elegance are evident in its clean lines, smooth finish, and attention to detail. 

Neolab package design

The Dieter Rams-inspired Neolab package design is not only visually appealing but also functional. The package is designed to be easy to open, with a minimal amount of waste. The design also makes it easy to store and transport the product, making it a great option for e-commerce businesses. The package itself is made of high-quality materials and features a subtle texture, which adds a tactile element to the design. The branding is minimal, with the Neolab logo featured prominently in the center of the package. The logo is simple and elegant, embodying the ethos of the brand.
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