Custom packaging

Bamigo & Tile

Discover the ultimate blend of comfort and convenience with the Bamigo and Tile partnership. Elevating the experience for every Bamigo customer, the inclusion of a Tile Mate ensures that essential belongings remain easily traceable. 

This innovative collaboration doesn’t just merge Bamigo’s luxurious and comfortable clothing with Tile’s tracking technology—it redefines convenience for the modern individual. From everyday essentials to cherished items, this special packaging embodies the fusion of fashion and functionality.

RAI Amsterdam
Imagine attending an event at RAI Amsterdam and receiving a thoughtful token—Tile. This collaboration between Tile and RAI Amsterdam not only enhances the visitor experience but also adds a layer of convenience. 

With Tile devices in hand, attendees can navigate the expansive venue with ease, ensuring that nothing gets lost amidst the excitement of the event.

Inshared & Tile
Inshared, a prominent figure in the Dutch insurance landscape, recognizes the paramount importance of safeguarding valuables. Their integration of Tile technology within their offerings reflects a proactive approach to minimizing losses. 

By empowering customers with Tile’s tracking capabilities, Inshared offers not just insurance but also proactive protection, instilling confidence that belongings are more secure than ever before.

Special Packaging for Nanoleaf & Netatmo

Dive into the world of smart home innovations with Nanoleaf and Netatmo, amplified by the inclusion of Tile in their special packages. The Netatmo packaging spotlights the cutting-edge doorbell technology, showcasing how Tile’s addition ensures that even the smallest details are not overlooked in the realm of home security.

Meanwhile, the Nanoleaf package introduces new and imaginative lighting solutions, where Tile acts as the cherry on top, providing not just illumination but also the assurance of easy tracking for these next-gen devices. This collaboration stands as a testament to the synergy between modern technology and everyday convenience.

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