Some things are easier found then others

Our Easter campaign was a testament to the joy and whimsy that the holiday brings. The slogan, “Some things are easier found than others,” encapsulated the essence of the season. The main visual featured an adorable bunny playfully hiding behind a Tile, symbolizing the thrill of discovery that comes with Easter egg hunts. This imagery resonated with our audience, evoking a sense of childlike wonder and excitement. To further immerse our audience in the Easter spirit, we incorporated a range of visuals, each intricately designed to evoke the warmth and vibrancy of the holiday.

From vibrant Easter eggs to sprightly spring flowers, every element was carefully chosen to transport our users to a world of seasonal delight.

Chocolate-themed Campaign
For our chocolate-themed campaign, indulgence was the name of the game. We took the concept of Tiles and infused it with the sweet decadence of chocolate. The visuals showcased Tiles crafted from rich, velvety chocolate, enticing viewers with the promise of a delightful treat.

The imagery not only emphasized the delectable nature of our product but also highlighted its unmistakable ease of use – much like savoring a piece of chocolate. Through this campaign, we sought to create a sensory experience that resonated with our audience’s love for both innovation and indulgence.

April Fools’ Day Campaign

Our April Fools’ campaign was a playful twist on the conventional notion of finding. We introduced a lighthearted concept that allowed users to “find love” using the Tile app. By swiping through a virtual collection of keys based on their location, users could humorously explore the possibility of discovering a romantic connection. This whimsical endeavor was underpinned by our tongue-in-cheek “Lost Love & Keys Algorithms” service, adding an extra layer of amusement to the experience. The campaign served as a delightful departure from the norm, offering our audience a moment of levity and laughter.

Mother's Day Tribute

Our Mother’s Day campaign paid homage to the unsung heroes of the household – the mothers. We centered our narrative around the concept of mothers being the original “stuff-finders.” It’s a universal truth that when something goes missing, kids turn to their mothers for help. This campaign celebrated the invaluable role that mothers play in keeping our lives organized and our households running smoothly.

Through a series of heartwarming visuals and heartfelt messaging, we aimed to convey our appreciation for the tireless efforts of mothers everywhere. From keys to toys, mothers have an uncanny ability to locate the things we thought were lost forever.

In addition to these campaigns, we meticulously designed a comprehensive array of marketing materials, ranging from eye-catching online advertisements to attention-grabbing offline banners. Each element was crafted with precision and creativity, ensuring that our messaging resonated with our audience across various platforms and mediums.

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