Google Combo-Pack

Combo Pack Tile

Introducing the perfect combo for the tech-savvy individual

 The Google Mini and Tile key tracking device combo package!.

 This bundle makes perfect sense for those who are prone to misplacing their belongings, as the Tile key tracking device can be attached to any item you frequently misplace, such as your keys or remote control. With the Google Mini and Tile combo, you can simply ask Google Assistant to locate your missing item, and the Tile device will sound an alarm to help you locate it. No more frantic searching or wasted time – just effortless convenience at your fingertips. This package is an excellent investment for anyone looking to simplify their daily routine and make their life a little easier.

Nuki Combo Pack

The Ultimate Smart Home Entry Solution

Google Doorbell, Nuki Smart Lock, and Google Camera Combo Package. 

Introducing the ultimate combo package for those looking to create a smart home – the Google Doorbell, Nuki Smart Lock, and Google Camera bundle. With this package, you’ll have everything you need to ensure your home is secure and easily accessible to those you trust. Imagine being able to see who’s at your front door and let your mailman in remotely. You can even use the Google Camera to monitor where the package is left and ensure it’s safe until you return home. This package is the perfect solution for those looking to simplify their life and take advantage of the latest smart home technology. With the Google Doorbell, Nuki Smart Lock, and Google Camera, you’ll have a total smart home solution that is convenient and secure, giving you peace of mind when you’re away from home.

A combination of a Nuki door lock and Google Mini can prove to be incredibly useful, allowing you to ask Google to lock the door before heading to bed.

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